Do You Dare to Go on a Savannah Ghost Tour?

Savannah ghost tourThere are numerous ways to explore the stunning city of Savannah. From historic walks to carriage tours, guests to the Southern city are sure to find a way to see all of it. One fantastic way we here at the Presidents’ Quarters Inn enjoy seeing the city is on a Savannah Ghost Tour. The exciting and spooky tours will leave Goosebumps on your arms and send chills down your spine. This tour is not for the weak at heart. The question at hand now is, do you care to go on a Savannah Ghost tour? Read on to find out what they entail.

1. Savannah Tours by Foot

Explore the streets of Savannah on a Creepy Crawl Tour! Your tour guide will tell thrilling tales of the past on the Haunted Pub Tour. During your journey through the streets of Savannah, you will be welcomed into some of the city’s finest pubs! Make sure to put on your walking shoes! This tour, which lasts for two and a half hours, cost $20 a person. You must be 21 years or older to participate!

2. Hearse Ghost Tours

Have you ever been on a Hearse Ghost Tour? Well, after a visit to the mysterious city of Savannah, you can say you have. The Hearse Ghost Tour company offers over two-dozen ghost tours, but only one of them transports you in an actual hearse. You learn about the intriguing history of the city while you pass by cemeteries and haunted buildings. Adults cost $15 and children cost $10. Reservations are necessary and can only be made by phone. Click here to find out more. Warning, the ride is a little bumpy.

3. Sixth Sense Savannah

This Savannah ghost tour will send chills up and down your spine. Guests will be taken through the historic district on the Sixth Sense Savannah Tour. This family-friendly tour is perfect all ages! Every family tour departs at 7 P.M. If you are looking for something a little spookier, try the 18-and-up tour, which begins at 9:30. Both of the tours depart from Clary’s Café! During this wonderful yet frightful two-hour walking tour, guests will explore haunted houses and learn about Poltergeists, shadow people, orbs, exorcisms, tunnels, root doctors, voodoo and more. The Sixth Sense Savannah also offers tours of the Bonaventure Cemetery! Make sure to make reservations. They are required for every tour offered by Sixth Sense.

These are just a few of our favorite Savannah Ghost Tours. After deciding which one you dare to take, make sure you have the perfect place in which to relax. There is no better place to stay while in the beautiful southern city than at the Presidents’ Quarters Inn! Offering a selection of lovely rooms and suites, which are all elegantly decorated to match the southern charm of the city, the Inn has a room that will suit your needs. Your stay comes with a full delicious breakfast each morning so your days will begin on a bright note! We can’t wait to hear about your mysterious adventures!



Photo courtesy Eric Fleming.

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