Where Was the Forrest Gump Bench Location & Other Savannah Trivia Tidbits

forrest gump bench locationSavannah is known for an array of things, its history, scrumptious food, sweet southern style and more. But one special thing that people are reminded of when thinking of Savannah is the beautiful setting. Numerous films have been shot in the picturesque city! When you come to stay with us at the Presidents’ Quarters Inn, you will have several opportunities to step into the your favorite movie that was filmed in Savannah or the surrounding area. The most frequently asked question that visitors have when in the city is where is the Forest Gump bench location. Let us tell you where to find the Forrest Gump bench location and other Savannah trivia tidbits.

The Forrest Gump Bench Location

The city of Savannah is a place that holds numerous film scenes. One movie in particular is Forrest Gump. In the opening scene, a feather floats high above the grand southern trees and sweeps down towards Chippewa Square, eventually landing at the base of a park bench. Forrest, portrayed by Tom Hanks, sits on the park bench for almost 80% of the film, telling his life story to anyone who will listen. If you are in search of the Forrest Gump bench location, make your way to Chippewa Square. Sadly, the bench that Forrest sat on was actually a movie prop that has since been placed in the Savannah History Museum. Chippewa Square, however, is still a popular spot for photographs; it is definitely worth your time. Take a step into the movie and be transported into the life of Forrest Gump with a visit to this special location!

The Last Song Location

The Nicholas Sparks’ novel The Last Song was turned into a movie in 2010.  Starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, this heart wrenching film is about a troubled teenage girl who reconnects with her estranged father and falls in love during the summer in a quiet Southern United States beach town. The movie was set in Tybee Island, GA. The movie became the first film to be both shot and set in Tybee Island! Take a trip to the fun filled island and wander around the beautiful beach!

Force of Nature Location

The Force of Nature features stunning, beautiful Savannah throughout the film. From DeRenne Avenue to the historic downtown, an array of locations and people are featured in the movie, starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck. The Comer House, located on the corner of Taylor and Bull street on Monterey Square, is seen in the first few minutes of the movie as Bridgette tries to escape her parent’s bickering. The Federal Building and US Courthouse are two of the first things Sarah and Ben see upon their arrival to Savannah. Make time to stop by these beautiful places that are a part of an amazing story!

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